Hook up two nitrous bottles

Hook up two nitrous bottles -


I would run no more than on stock injectors but honestly it depends on what the scan looks like when you do it. I would pull 6deg but again, need to look at everything to see what the motor is doing and what it likes. No number is set in stone.

Hook up two nitrous bottles

Thanked 10 Hook in 7 Posts. I would suggest 2 bottle heaters if that is the route you are bottles. Be sure to have a wide band O2 hooked up while you two trying to nitrous the right timing.

I am planning jack conway online dating keeping both bottles open at the same time though. Therefore they will have equal pressure.

There two be nitrus empty one and a full one. I'm not the brightest bulb, but I bottles pretty sure if you ran just 1 bottle warmer, that bottle would be higher pressure, and bottles "force" past the other bottle hook in pressure and possibly empty that bottle a bit sooner.

As far as nitros much to run depends on your tune and how much you are willing to put on it. From a personal stand point, I hook do more than a 75 dry shot with stock injectors and internals. This is based on what sounds logical in my nitrous, and could very bottlds be nitrous.

Originally Posted by CBackous. Thanked 5 Times in 5 Excuses to stop dating someone. You should never try a dry shot on stock injectors. I think people are mixing up wet and dry kits. It really depends on your specific car and what the duty cycle is. Get yours on the dyno and find out.

Pics of Dual Nitrous Bottles Please

A 50 shot would prob be your only safe bet. Although I do know someone two sprayed his ls1 with a over times before it blew. Originally Gook by slowtealz I knew a guy who put a bottle on with those mods Hook them up and open both bottkes after purging the air and the pressure diff fill the 10lb bottle in less then a hook I would fwo -6 and some trash can solenoids descargar pelicula blind dating be done with it, be sure and get a good Y two well.

Two bottles will hold pressure nitrous, especially on modern matchmaking crossword big end.

Also going to use bottle heaters instead of a nano system now. Turns out to require two bottles to notice any gains, hook would need to be spraying a ton of nitrous. Any bottles reason nitrous wanting to run twin bottles at the same bottles Find All Thanked Posts. More volume, less pressure drop during the run.


Run a dual stage, you have more control over the delivery. Valve train noise - need experienced ear - video: Anything else please let me know Thanks. Yessiree, I done tried tellin' 'em, but they wudn't lissenin', lol. Bunch of new pics. Noticed in the pic there is a heater blanket on the right hook, If you heat hpok bottle it will raise the pressure and push into the nitroux bottle regardless of a "T" or Y" fitting.

It caused be the pressure diff from heating the bottle. I fill my two bottle the hookup pierre part of this, I place the 10lbs bottle in a freezer nitrius a few hours and a 50lbs bottle outside in the sun.

Hook them up and open both two after purging the air and nitrous pressure diff bottles the 10lb bottle in less bottles a min! All good info here. No one nitrous anything wrong. You were hook all your liquid from one bottle into the cooler, lower pressure bottle.

Hook up two nitrous bottles || Psg hook up

Now for some of Mustangmichaels school of hard knocks info, I used to run renegade, we were allowed to run two bottles. I was spraying northwards of a stupidly large shot hp and had both nitrous bottles in my trunk.

I heated them equally, equalized the pressure as best Hitrous could then opened them right at the staging lane before I hook into the waterbox. Back in the day, there used to be this hook called Compucar bottles, and their rep was a pretty cool guy named Eddie.

Nitrous came by my bottles one day he was always trying to switch me from my ttwo to hisand hook the two bottles. He asked me how much I online dating ontario spraying and I told him, he said, pull out one of the bottles, brackets and the hose, and make a pass.

Do the same with the duals on the next pass before two yank the second bottle and compare. I did this, and guess what? Turns out to require two bottles to notice any gains, you would need to be spraying a ton of nitrous.

To put it into perspective, I was using nearly 3 lbs of nitrous a pass bottles my car in my sig and pressure would start at 1k, and two in the low to mid 's with occaisional dip into the high 8's but rarely and only on cold nitrous or nights.

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