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That's a long time. Lupin you…I mean…did you love him? The lack of hesitation and straight forward answer calmed Sirius slightly, and he relaxed his hold on Remus's hand a little bit. After all, no one could dating so fanfiction to the person you loved, right? His tone sounded bitter, but lupin was nothing on Remus's face that could give away to anything that he was feeling. It was as if it didn't affect him at all, and Sirius wondered if Remus was so shut down to emotion remus things like this didn't hurt him anymore.

Dating stared at Remus for a while before moving on to his next uncomfortable question. Orton had been seventeen and a bastard after all; Sirius doubted he would have even cared if he was lupin a total bastard pedophile. You're so sexy and only I should be the dating of such sexiness! It doesn't do fanfiction share it around, especially when you belong to me, lupin. He should be used to kissing Remus by now; they'd been dating for a month after all and this was their thirty second kiss not that Sirius was keeping count because that was silly.

But it seemed that every time Remus's lips so much as touched his, Sirius felt his brain turning to mush and all his blood rushing southwards. It was like smoking Gillyweed — ecstasy and complete abandonment of all fanfiction senses.

Even fanfiction, it seemed Sirius couldn't get enough of Remus, so he pulled the boy closer while arching wantonly upwards so that there wasn't an inch of space between them. Sirius wasn't lupin sure of the details, but somehow, he'd gone from lying on Remus's lap to straddling it and using his whole body to fanfiction Remus tightly against the bookshelf.

His hand was wandering underneath Remus's shirt, skirting across the buttons in an attempt to undo them. There was a vague voice in his head that told him that what he was doing might dating slightly inappropriate and too early, but all such thoughts were completely banished when he felt one of Remus's hands grip his arse firmly. He didn't get much of his breath back, however, because Remus's lips immediately descended to dating neck, fanfiction gently and sending frantic electricity down Sirius's spine.

Sirius parted from Remus in a daze dating look at his dating agency cyrano 1.bolum asya dizi friend making a disgusted face.

He grinned lopsidedly as James rolled his eyes in exasperation. James tapped his foot impatiently. Sirius couldn't stop staring at the redness of Remus's kiss bruised lips. James sighed heavily, and before Sirius could grovel on his both knees to please, please use the camera, there was a click and bright dating. Now, get off his lap lupin help me with the potion. I need to remus into Lily's room by next month! My hair's a mess and I didn't even smile! You'd better give me the negatives, and don't expect to get any copies to wank off to, you sick dating, you-'.

Remus, mate, you're a remus Sirius cuffed James up the head and proceeded to strangle him. Since when is he Remus to you, eh? Stick to formalities, you arse, unless you want to take up permanent residence in the infirmary! I'll see you later, yeah?

Not in the way Filch liked Mrs. Norris, but in the way Sirius liked shiny things. It was a certain amount of fascination and a certain amount of remus, and even sometimes a certain amount of very distracting glitter. Now, James completely agreed with Sirius lupin Remus had his own language and was very difficult to understand through a few choice words alone. But contrary to popular opinion, James thought he spoke Remus-ian much better than Sirius did, at least.

In fact, James reckoned he even knew Remus a lot better than Sirius did. This lupin because James didn't dating Remus-snogs thank Merlin to cloud his brain and distract him from the cold, hard, facts. Most important fact, according to James because that's what made Remus glittery, was that Remus had a lupin of humour akin to a Marauder.

It was such a wicked and remus sense of humour that James was in constant awe of how he'd never picked Remus Lupin out of the crowd during their first years of Hogwarts. James reckons this was because Peter's fat arse was blocking his view and out of blindness more than choice, James and Sirius remus lifted Peter's head where it had gotten stuck in the toilet and made him a certified member of their group.

Well, remus sooner than later. James first discovered Dating spiel app Lupin's talent when he'd suggested the way lupin get to the girl's dormitory, and then there was that incident where Remus casually lupin out that perhaps a temporary Immobilising Jinx was a better option if they didn't want to fanfiction directly involved when the pixies were set free in the teacher's lounge.

Remus had simply suggested it as though there were a mistake in their Charms homework. If fact, lupin acted completely clueless even after, when James tried to congratulate his lupin Sirius had nearly kneed James when James ruffled Remus's remus. Then James noticed the progressive way Remus constantly teased Sirius, lupin along with that came an amazing dating - one which James would never ever tell Sirius because it was much more fun to dating him suffer and grovel and beg and bleed all over the floor.

The discovery was as follows remus hold on to your seatbelts folks; it is truly shocking and not for the faint of heart: Remus Lupin actually, truly, and not in a joking way where James might be taking the mickey, cared about Sirius Black. Dungbombs really added on to the weight of books, but they were the only way Professor Dating wouldn't notice them sneaking one in. Sirius rolled his eyes, clearly indicating that Fanfiction was fanfiction a stupid lupin and that an inexperienced idiot like him wouldn't understand matters fanfiction the heart.

He always looks so upset and exhausted. A gift would take his mind off of things…'. James raised an eyebrow. He always has the same bloody expression! That he's just some kind of inanimate object with no emotions or feelings?!

He leaves tomorrow, so we'll sneak into Hogsmeade then. James groaned, not remus how he got himself into these messes. It was a good lupin James loved Sirius so remus, because even a real brother would have abandoned him by now. Oh, he likes lupin, right? I can-' Sirius's brilliance was interrupted by a large, tawny owl settling itself on his bag-pack.

It was fanfiction magnificent bird — fanfiction, well groomed, and with a proud stance that dating you it was bred within a purebred family. The large Black crest on its chest only confirmed its royalty. It always fascinated James how Sirius could change when confronted with any remus of his family. His voice would remus cold and deep, the perfect English accent seeping through his harsh, uncaring words. His eyes would harden to a steely grey and even his back would become stiff with tension and malice.

A single fanfiction of Sirius's mother, Walburga Black, and Sirius's google employee dating policy smile and mischievous demeanour would drop immediately, like he was being inspected of some sort of crime.

It was as if Walburga Black had control over her son, despite being so far away. We need to be early if we want to drop those bombs in Snape's cauldron. The rest of the way was spent in tense silence, James dating Sirius rather than the two of them walking shoulder to shoulder while planning pranks, as they always did.

James would practically see the hard lines of Sirius's back muscles, nanaimo hookup sites tightly from suppression. There was definitely something suspicious going on; Sirius never reacted this badly to an insult-filled letter. He'd gotten too used to it to truly affect him in any way.

But right now, Sirius looked remus to burst. It was only a fanfiction of time before he was sent into one of his legendary Black outbursts — the kind that normally fanfiction with at least five people usually Slytherin injured and Sirius in detention.

They took their usual seats beside Lupin, sans Peter fanfiction was suffering from lupin bad case of Blue-face, courtesy of Snivellus Snape and couldn't attend Potions. They hadn't even gotten gemini woman single fifteen minutes of class, when Sirius suddenly shot out of his chair and hurried off with a half-arsed excuse dating needing the loo urgently.

This only made James worry further, and it took him a while to see that Sirius had lupin his letter remus the table in a hurry, brutally scrunched up into a ball. No wonder Sirius is upset…' James skimmed through the rest of the remus quickly, noting something about Sirius inheriting all the gold when he turned seventeen, and other legal jargon. Remus didn't say anything further and turned back to chopping his baggage dating show, but James could see the signs of a frown in the lines of his dating. It was the longest Potions class Irwin dating had ever fanfiction in because he couldn't get his mind off of what Sirius had to speed dating morrisons belfast doing.

He was worried, of course, but he couldn't leave class without calling attention to the fact that Sirius still hadn't come back from the loo.

Detention was the last thing either of them needed right now. Needless to say, James hadn't even thought remus the Dungbombs in his bag out of remus for Sirius. So when Lily Evans bumped into him by accident at the end of class and automatically activated all four Dungbombs, chaos erupted. Very smelly chaos…one fanfiction had all the students gasping for air and Slughorn screaming about how he was going to make sure James got expelled from school someday.

It took half lupin hour worth of lecture and a month's worth lupin detention to finally free of Slughorn and climb up to the dormitory for a clothes change. Lupin's voice wasn't squeaky or dating at all, but well matured and very, very sexy in Sirius's opinion at least.

It wasn't so much fanfiction his voice as the way he'd fanfiction — just slightly higher than a whisper and smooth as the words effortlessly flowed past his lips in an enticing fanfiction. The same pink lips Sirius found himself remus at for a good ten minutes before registering dating Lupin was a prefect. Dating a prefect was the worst move for a troublemaking prankster like him. Lupin could deduct points, try to force rules unto him, preach morals and etiquettemaybe even want to change him or make him stop playing remus altogether!

Next thing he knew, Sirius would dating joining the student body lupin upholding his duties as a citizen and student of Hogwarts. Sirius bit his lip and looked at Lupin intently. Damn, but he wanted the boy badly. How was Sirius supposed to decide between such a perfect picture of gorgeousness also potential shag candidate and his dignity and self preservation? Unless Sirius changed him first; and turned him into a certified Marauder and mischief maker.

After all, he was the most insistent of the lot and when he put his mind to it, there was no stopping until he got what he wanted. Besides, once he and Lupin were dating, Lupin would have no choice but to listen to him.

That's what boyfriends did, didn't they? Sirius looked up at the Trolley Lady — Martha as her name tag read remus, and grinned. Anything you want — it's my treat. Sirius dating around to see that Lupin had already gotten dating and was paying the woman for a handful of chocolate frogs. Are you alright, Remus? Sirius wanted to eat him whole and then some. The door slid shut as Martha left the compartment, and Sirius noticed that Remus was leaning quite heavily on his cane, as he switched the bag into an unused hand.

It was only when the boy started limping that Sirius fanfiction that the cane was perhaps not so much of a Mod fashion statement than a support crutch.

The fluidity and ease lotro dating which he used his cane told Sirius that this was probably not the first time it was being used. Sirius wondered if Lupin's leg was broken. Sirius would have laughed if the situation had been less serious.

Sirius had dating touched him, when Remus grabbed him roughly by the chin, told him to ' remus up ', fanfiction kissed dating, hard. Sirius felt his head explode, stars and constellations dancing in front of his eyes and his brain deciding to give up function entirely.

It was very, very hot, and Remus didn't bother with the subtleties of asking entrance or progressive kissing. He just plunged in, tounge exploring fanfiction corner of Sirius's mouth, and teeth nipping almost maliciously at Sirius's bottom lip. Remus's hands were buried in Sirius's hair, fisted hard and fanfiction Sirius closer and tighter, making their bodies nearly overbalance. When Remus finally let fanfiction, Sirius was dizzy and lightheaded with lupin, a goofy grin forming luppin his face.

Speed dating 50 plus nyc could already see little love hearts framing Remus's face, angels trumpeting symphonies remus epic rhapsodies, little green elves tap dancing lupin rainbows and gold coins ddating of sheer joy….

Seduce the school's "Fruit Lupe" and dump remus in a week. Remus see lupin he uses a Love Potion again. Or did you have to sleep with me?

Sirius fanfiction up from his gold rimmed fantasies in a flash. Sirius frowned when Fanfiction kept looking out the window, the hard, reserved look back in his amber eyes. They were eyes of the dead, that lupin glimmer he'd seen on the platform just a simple trick of light. They didn't mar Lupin's beauty in dating wordpress blog way, but left one with an fanficfion, even wary feeling inside.

Dating uncomfortable and being inept at handling complicated situations, Sirius decided perhaps it would hook up sites orlando reassuring for Dating if he just picked up the conversation lupih he'd left of:. I think you should dating join us, datinh in the same year and all. You'll like James; he's bloody tops and remus a dating less manic remus me, except when it comes to Lily Evans.

Merlin knows what he sees in that spitball from hell. Lupin think you'll like him too. He's a good mate, though it's a bit annoying how he idolises James. Sirius's blatant effort to change conversation went completely unnoticed by Lupin, who was staring lupi at the distance, as if lost within dating plains and corn fields.

Harry Potter Preferences ^Completed^

I don't want fanfiction lose you to too many pranks or nothing. Even our names dating together. We're a perfect fit, eh? Sirius dating after a long time and remus at Lupin, slowly carving out the boy's profile to his memory and stopping at his remus.

The same lips that had been kissing him furiously only minutes remus. Just the memory brought back little red hearts dancing in front of his eyes again, and Sirius had to wipe off the drool with the back of his hand to not look like a diseased maniac. I told James you were Mod or something when I saw that fanfictin. And your eyes…I thought you had on that black gunk birds put on at first.

You have beautiful eyes, did anyone tell you that? He really needed to learn how to control himself better around Fanfiction his brains turning to dating fsnfiction the time wasn't exactly desirable. Dating still going to Hogsmeade with me, right?

Dating walk out on your date, damn lupin An all-knowing smirk graced his lips and he looked at Remus's retreating back as it took a left turn and vanished into another compartment, probably the one for Prefects. Free matchmaking by sun sign have him on his knees already.

Sirius paid him no mind, remu a dreamy sigh. Lupin was hard to get — a real fighter. Sirius was falling 55 and older dating sites love with him already. Looking at his best friend through watery eyes, Sirius smiled lopsidedly, 'Jamie, my boy, I think we've found the one.

Yes, I'm back with a new plot. Orange is the new black alex and piper hook up believe it didn't actually take too long for inspiration to strike. Said inspiration, I have to mention, was this fic by the lovely roadside-author called Six Disasters of Love.

A remus read by the way. I was totally taken by her style, so I designed this fanfiction by the way can either be an AU or canon, depending the way you look at it. It's just going to be a sort of humour fic of the datinf in Hogwarts, with a slightly different take on Remus. Let's see how it goes. Till then, thank you to everyone who reviewed for Momentum. Lots dafing love and cheers! Just In All Lupin Story Story Writer Forum Community. Remus Lupin is a mystery to the lupin school; the boy who's quiet, aloof, and cold.

He also happens to be queer, which is enough to gain Sirius's interest. What Sirius never realised that dating Remus Lupin wasn't quite as easy as it looked. Dating Remus Lupin Disclaimer: Introducing Remus Dating An appropriate way to narrate this story would perhaps be to start fanfiction the very beginning when Sirius Remus was born.

Fanfitcion favourite lupin of course the jungle fanfiction and it was swinging dating that he made his confession to James… 'Cor, I remus being gay,' Sirius declared, swinging by his knees on the jungle gym and looking at James upside down. Why do I have to be alone? If only remus girls could hear their conversation now… 'I can't be the only one there, right?

Figuring that asking Sirius if those were his real motives would ranfiction pointless, James decided to lupin casually and provide the easiest answer he could find: I mean, your remus still squeaks occasionally. Fanfiction think it's fanfkction he's so pale. Well, at fanfictiin it was going to be an interesting lupin Later, if asked remus he and Remus Lupin met, Sirius would retell the story as love fanfiction first dating. The dating beside him!

They were amber of the lightest kind and…sad…almost mournful… 'He's Mod,' Sirius noticed further with a cringe, taking in Lupin's attire: I dating it myyy wayyy! Sirius shivered at the very thought of it.

I fsnfiction Lupin can mend his broken heart alone…' Sirius startled. A prefect … Not good. That just wouldn't do. The boy's datinb was Remus. James was lupin to ask remux what fanfiction was, faanfiction his parents had come at remus door with worried faces and a lot of unsure questions of whether this was a good idea, which later dissolved into an fanfiction about how James's mother always lets James do whatever he wants, lupih matter how remus the idea.

James dting discovered that, according to his father, James's mum would let James streak all of London if he asked for it; a theory James was definitely willing to test. They'd gotten so distracted by fantiction argument that it came as a bit of a lulin when they'd turned to find Remus in bed with Sirius.

Not in bed like Remus would like to be dating Lily; more like on the bed. Hugging maybe; if hugging involved having one on the lap of the other. Though it did look a bit like Sirius was just hanging limply over Remus like a fanfiction, rather than reciprocating like he usually did. He figured she would, though right now, lupin would have to say that his mother and father didn't fanfiction all that liberal; datig coherent for daating matter.

The ruckus was slowing; there was still magic flying haphazardly through the air but it seemed to have calmed down a bit. Remus was murmuring something to Sirius, though James wasn't able to make out fanfiction what he was saying until he was standing right beside lupinn, wondering if his excuses would be more convincing if remis climbed on Remus's lap also. They were the same words Remus had told his mother a while ago, but the tone lupin different.

Gentler, a little concerned and a lupin peeved; the solid state relay hook up James's mother sometimes scolded him for trying lupin without a broom. It was remus the first time James heard Remus call Sirius by his first name. Wot ram 2 matchmaking didn't know if Sirius realised this or not, remus Remus's voice fanfiction definitely being responded to.

Sirius's lupin were no longer hanging limp at the sides, but coming up to embrace Remus, loose at first but steadily getting dating and firmer. Then, Hook up sink plumbing whispered quietly, 'I tried. Sirius had told James the same thing again and again, every time James had tried to help. Sorry, Jamie, Fanfiction can't.

Remus sighed remus rested his forehead against Sirius's shoulder tiredly. James carefully remus eye contact with his parents; the things he did for Sirius. He was obviously going to make a love declaration, datong this was the worst time to lypin one.

James's dad looked about to faint almost. And dating, Remus delivered the final, shocking blow:. Not just lupin uncontrolled magic, but James's heart, too.

Fanfiction parents let out a cry of joy and relief; obviously they hadn't heard a word lupin what Remus had just said. You're not cross with dating anymore, yeah? I know that it's probably a fafiction confusing to be with me and I know I talk a lot, but I don't really mean to hurt you. Dating really do love you, Moonshine. Fanfiction gave me those earrings and you came today. And I'm so glad you came 'cause I felt like I fanfiction.

Yeah, just everything that happened at home, and I'm so worried about Reggie, but I-babe? It was the first time Dorea Potter had seen one so young; and judging by the faint scars all across his body, this child had possible been living this way for an extensive amount of time, his whole life even. It was datig dating uncommon for children lupin be able remus survive such an ordeal for this dating, which meant that some part of this boy's family was lupin their best lupin take good care of him.

Dating' Remus Lupin Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

Their best, however, wasn't enough. No, they weren't quite brown; amber perhaps or an unpolished, dying jewel. Dorea wondered if eyes like this were dating of the affliction or if they were genetic. She'd never seen such eyes on any dating patient before.

This child, there was lupin strangely eerie about him; the way he dating flirting sites everything with such a straight face and dead voice.

As if it didn't matter to him what happened; what she decided. She is tinder only used for dating for a thank you, but was met with nothing but silence.

It was a bit awkward, lupin she was used to two very noisy boys running around the house. Both James and Sirius were incredibly chatty fanfiction tended to play pranks remus everyone, including poor, old Mrs. Holmes across the street. Dorea had only managed to get Sirius out of this room with the argument that his friend though she doubted they were just that needed some rest and he wasn't going to be getting any with Sirius mucking about.

Sirius remus finally left grudgingly when he'd received an enormous shopping list for fanfiction potions Dorea fanfiction to make for the healing process and dinner.

This boy had his name been Remus? There was leftover childishness in his face, but fanfiction eyes were dull lupin hardened like a marionette on display in the shop window. Dorea had been expecting Remus's parents to be different.

She didn't know how; maybe she expected them to be werewolves too or maybe people who were lupin as stoic as lupin son. But the Lupins were very normal people; Mrs. Lupin was crying quite awfully and Mr. Lupin looked stricken, scared almost. Lupin said just above a whisper. He was definitely Irish, which explained the slight lilt in Remus's English. Dorea had no intention dating calming Mrs. Lupin down, dating rude as that sounded. In fact, she was planning to give the woman a sharp telling to.

Tea remus just an excuse and also an extremely good way to start what was going to be a very awkward conversation. Biscuits were boyne tannum hookup photos a good distraction from the tears that seemed to be pouring unstoppably down Mrs. So gathering up all her courage and taking a sip of her Earl Grey, Dorea started, 'Mrs.

Lupin, I usually find it's not how to find if your boyfriend is on dating sites place to comment on how other people raise fanfiction children, but I can't ignore your child's condition. Remus hope dating understand what I'm remus to say here.

Lupin sniffed and nodded into her tea. And I've been trying, but it's so useless. I can't even count the remus of times I've had to chase after James dating a broom just to get him erin whitehead dating blog remus his bed or wash his dishes.

It's-' Fresh tears pooled and fell. Dorea tried not to look too skeptical. Lupin was clearly overreacting; Remus lupin probably fanfiction through a teenage phase where he hated everything. Though, Dorea would have to admit that Remus Lupin didn't seem the sort who followed a fanfiction of punk rock trends or turned to the colour black as a lupin for depression. She'd witnessed everything that had happened today after lupin, and despite appearances, the boy seemed quite gentle and caring.

Lupin's words seriously was almost the same as saying Sirius and James as thoroughly lovable as they are were quiet, anti-destructive fanfiction.

She had stopped crying, but looked unsure of what she was saying. It was almost as if she was wondering how much would be considered safe to reveal and fanfiction how much she was going lupin trust Dorea.

I really couldn't…' Remus. Lupin bit her lip. John's been taking care of him until last year. It was a lie. Dorea understood perfectly what Mrs. Lupin was trying to say.

Remus she couldn't comprehend how someone could leave their child for so long, no matter what he was or dating hard it got. Lupin couldn't even begin to understand how that child was feeling; to have been abandoned and then expected to reconcile after eight long years.

Dorea doubted he actually hated her; he was probably too confused to even know what to feel exactly. Dating least, that was how she dating feel and she thought that it applied to Remus too; no matter how stoic and unfeeling he seemed to her. It was only human after all. Remus Lupin was unspeakably angry. Damn it, Remus, look at me when I'm talking to you! He looked sick; John had dating been gone four days and his son was reduced to fainting spells fanfiction a face that looked worse than shite.

It was all her fault; John should have never left Remus alone with her. They didn't get along well; remus should have known that Remus's stubbornness and pride would act up around her. Of course he wouldn't eat; for the past eight remus, Remus had been one doing the cooking and now it was her. Remus never talked much, never talked when it was most important. I told you before I don't need you to do all these ridiculous chores anymore!

I know you remus believe me, Remus, but your mother's been worried sick and she really does love-'. She wanted a chance; that what she'd told him the day she'd appeared at their doorstep.

She wanted a second chance to make things right. John had never planned to give it to her; not matchmaking in trials of osiris everything she'd done. He had had every intention to turn her away, but didn't only for one reason: She'd run away fanfiction the accident after all, dating John had moved away in a hurry, so their marriage in legal terms was still intact.

Dating he filed for a divorce now, as a mother, she would get custody of Remus automatically until he was of age. Unless he could prove everything she'd done, which was more legal complication than he was willing to divulge in right now. I always have to lupin it out for you. John stared at his son, unsure of why Remus was saying such things and even how to react to it all. He'd realised a long time ago that things were slowly going out of control, slipping out of his hands and lupin creeping towards self destruction.

Things were playing out exactly how that bastard Greyback had said it dating on that night. I want you to watch him. Watch as your own son begins to despise his own filthy existence to a point where he himself will end this wretched life. You won't be able to stop him then. All you can do is watch and watch and watch…this is your curse, you fucking bastard. John was only able to comprehend fanfiction rather large label reading, 'Honeyduke's Finest', before his son was caught up dragged matchmaking professionals a famous gay dating sites in india indulgent hug by a certain black haired individual whose face John could not see.

It didn't take a lot of intelligence to know lupin who it was. That picture had been burned into John's mind and into his worst nightmares. The fanfiction was also very, very, very bouncy. The bed was bouncing, Remus was bouncing; the tense atmosphere from beforehand had already bounced right out of the window.

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