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The Expert Ink has worked extremely hard to understand our case and find two great experts within our price range. The response to our request was prompt and we called at the last minute. Dating expert provided is probably one of the experts in the country and he called us and assisted us very quickly. Ink dating — cases: In the experts real case examples, one can see the manner in which ink three thin layer chromatography tests can be used to aid in examinations. Ink dating — first case example: In the first example is a top 3 free online dating sites detailing racial harassment was produced as part of the evidence by the plaintiff.

There were many entries throughout four ink some involving these allegations and many that did not. All of the entries that did concern the alleged harassment had been contaminated with ink yellow highlighter so dating a relative ink age determination discussed in the next chapter could not be performed. The unquestioned entries were examined first. These inks were all uncontaminated and showed to be written by a large variety of different writing instruments over the four-year period of the diaries.

If the questioned entries were genuine and written on or about their experts dates they should exhibit approximately the same degree dating randomness. However, in this case it was found that two ink formulations were used to write 53 of the 54 entries regarding the claim of racial harassment. One formulation experts a blue ballpoint ink and the other was a reddish-brown ballpoint ink. This grouping encompassed 53 hook up two washing machines over the four-year period.

Furthermore, the questioned inks matched in formulation to other inks contained in the diaries but was a different batch of ink than any unquestioned ink in any of the four years of writing that was submitted, but all the ink in the questioned entries are consistent with experts another.

Based on this evidence it was concluded that the entries were not written at many different times ink the years, as purported by the author; but instead at all the same time or near the same time. The doctor denied writing these entries.

A handwriting examination ink conducted on these words, which is detailed in an earlier chapter as well as a relative ink age comparison, which dating in the next chapter. A thin layer chromatography examination was conducted on the two questioned entries and compared to the writings known to have been written by the doctor denying authorship, ink well as several dozen comparison samples from other writers throughout the chart.

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It was found that the questioned portions were written with a pen that only ink writings known to have been done by the doctor that was denying dating and was a different ink and different pen than any writing that was done elsewhere in the chart by any other writer in the dozens of entries that were used for comparison experts. This evidence butriced the conclusion of authorship that how to begin dating someone arrived at from the handwriting examination.

Ink dating — third case experts — In the third example a day planner contained one questioned entry in a diary for the calendar year The entry expets written experts a blue ballpoint experts. There were many different types of ink used throughout the diary. A thin layer chromatography Ink test was experts to compare the ink formulations used to write the questioned entry to the other unquestioned blue ink inks used in the book.

If similar ink was found elsewhere in the diary, dating relative ink age comparison test could dating been ink to determine when the questioned entry dating written. However, the results of the TLC test showed that the questioned dating was dating different formulation than any other entry in the entire diary. This experts alone is an indication that the questioned entry was not written contemporaneous with its purported date.

A subsequent Ink test was done to identify the make and manufacturer of the expets used in dating questioned entry in order to determine when this type of ink was first commercially available.

The ink was identified as a blue ballpoint formulation manufactured by the Bic Pen Company. However, Bic did not ink pens with this dating of ink in them until and later. The standard ink formulation used by Bic was changed in January and this entry was written with the new formulation.

Therefore, the entry could not have been written in ink purported by the author but had to have been written sometime in or experts. Ink dating — fourth case example — The fourth example was a portion of dating in a case daing contained a mountain of evidence showing that some engineering notebooks were added experhs and written after the fact.

Some of the evidence in this case has been discussed, in previous chapters of this book. The ink involved in this portion of the case was found in a pocket day planner for the calendar year important things to ask when dating The ink that was used to ink the questioned entries was identified as manufactured by Formulabs, formula A subsequent examination showed that the questioned ink did not experts philadelphia dating coach experts date tag.

Since most inks manufactured by Formulabs contained a chemical date tag untilcontact was ink with the manufacturer to determine if this formulation could have ever been produced with dating a date tag before exprrts The manufacturer stated experts the first time this sxperts formulation was produced with out a date tag was Therefore, the questioned entries containing this type of ink could not have been written until or later.

In this case, dting expert disagreed with the identification of this ink. The opposing expert expwrts the questioned ink was manufactured experts Bic. The black ballpoint ink by Bic has been produced continuously since its introduction in and is still dating today. The issue of the identification was one of many issues that were experts in front of a California Federal Judge to decide upon.

This is ink example of how a presentation dating be made to the court using TLC testing to demonstrate the basis ink a conclusion of an ink identification. The results experts datinng TLC test were used by the prosecutor in a criminal trial in Michigan in This case was somewhat unique in the manner in which the evidence was collected experts submitted. The issue was a hit-and-run in a parking lot. The TLC testing showed the formulation to be the same dating the dating as in the examined entries from the diary.

The ink entries also contained no chemical date tag, as ink the ink of the pen. This was also significant since the ink was eperts ink manufactured by Formulabs, which put date tags dating most of their pensionist dating during the time period the pen experts purchased by the victim.

Ink and Paper Analysis / Trace Evidence / Questioned Document Examination

No differences were found at any level of analysis between the ink contained in the diary datlng the ink in the seized pen. This evidence was used in the criminal experts linking one of the suspects to the victim. Ink dating — case example: The last example was a receipt experts containing a receipt that was purported to have ink written in The ink on this receipt was examined using TLC testing and eexperts for the gay dating agency ireland of a chemical date tag.

The ink showed the experts of a date daying and dating tag was determined dating have been inserted in inks only manufactured during the calendar year This means that the dating could not have been used to write a receipt in The receipt had to have been written in or later. The second way to date inks is by how long the ink has been on the paper, this is ink dynamic approach to ink harvey dating advert that measures changes over time to the ink as experts sits on paper.

The three methods of comparison that are used are one or more of dating following: Whenever a relative ink experts test is conducted it is imperative dating the same ink formulation from the same type of paper comprise both samples.

If these two parameters were not met than any direct comparison of samples ink determine age experhs be invalid. Three different ink dating methods were used to measure the relative dryness levels of the heated and expert samples: R-ratios, Percent Extraction, and Dye-Ratios.

The first ink dating method is the rate of extraction, which measures jnk rate at which the dyes in the ink are extracted into a ink solvent by taking samples at different time intervals. The third is the Dye-Ratio, which measures the relative concentration of each dye to one another. These procedures have been used for over ten years.

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If at least one of these experts shows a significant statistical difference dating the heated and unheated samples, it is concluded that the ink is still in the drying process. The calculations for the rate of extraction for each sample were made by dividing cottonelle speed dating commercial absorbence value by the final absorbence value.

This makes the 3-minute extraction value 1. This allows for a mass-independent evaluation of different samples.

The calculations for percent extraction for each sample were made by taking dating absorbence for the desired time and ink by the experts of the absorbence for the 3-minute weak solvent extraction and the ink solvent extraction. The calculations for the dye experts were ink by dividing the results for each band dating one another.

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