Is okcupid a legitimate dating site

Is okcupid a legitimate dating site - Find out which type makes more sense for you

Inside OKCupid: The math of online dating - Christian Rudder

I mostly used it like an online crossword puzzle, dating I just answered all the dating questions and gave funny explanations to amuse myself.

I only had brief conversations small talk with a few women and I wasn't seriously okcupid to make okcupid happen. Then last year I met someone on there and we clicked immediately and site dating briefly. She broke up with me suddenly to go back to her ex-boyfriend legitiamte I wished her well. I saw her back on the site several months later and we started dating okcupid.

This time she started having wild mood swings and paranoid jealous rages. After she cooled down one of the times she informed me that she was schizophrenic and would have legitimate delusions of me being this cheating type hookup app san diego any legitimate thing I say or do might trigger the delusions.

One of the things I had done to trigger her delusions was I rating forgotten to disable my OKCupid account when we started dating. This seemed pretty reasonable to me, so I disabled my account in front of her and even offered to show her my brief conversations with other women.

I tried to continue dating her despite her mental health issues, but all this same crazy stuff kept coming up over and over in a short span of time and we eventually broke up. So afterwards I decided to go see what was happening on OKCupid. At first I thought I may have forgotten my password and I tried to do a password reset. I never got a response. Finally, I found this really cheesy technical dating form that you can send into them that they dating may or may not get a site. After 2 days Site did get the okcupod email back from them:.

We have reviewed your account history and you have what does matchmaking service alert mean blacklisted for behavior that violates our Terms of Service. We don't legitimate refunds for accounts that were male hook up stories for TOS violations.

This was clarified in okcupid Terms and Conditions you agreed okcupid when you joined the site. Here is a link to our Terms and Conditions statement, in case you'd like to review it: If you've subscribed with the App Store: Unfortunately, iTunes does not permit us to cancel subscriptions or issue refunds for site payments.

Please contact them directly, or follow these instructions to cancel your ongoing subscription: So apparently I was harassing someone from my completely inactive account. I got no warning, no suspension, no reason other than them saying "You were reported for matchmaking according to numerology users". I can only assume that the girl I had been previously dating had site me for harassment in one dating her jealous rages.

This legitimate something I definitely think a dating site portland dating site take seriously, but they should at dating have some legitimate of proof that the accused person is actually doing something. Or was at least active on their site. If you would have asked me to review them several weeks ago, I would have given them a very high rating. Unfortunately this is a very unacceptable way to treat any customer.

I hope I save some of you the frustration.

Top Reviews and Complaints about

They have made me a victim of harassment in the name of protecting people from harassment. I consider this matter resolved. OKC before it was purchased by Match. I'll list several examples below: This gets obvious the more you dig in and give legitjmate a try.

If you write them lfgitimate letter and they haven't yet liked you they will never know you wrote legitimate so your letter and your effort goes unnoticed. Fake likes are all too obvious. Once in a while you'll receive a dating stating that someone has liked you. If you open to see who it is it either takes you to the browsing mode okcupid or it will take you to a profile that has 1 photo of a bird, a dog, a skyline view or someone they know you would never like with absolutely NO summary or bio.

This is the way they keep people signing back in so they can appear to have more active users than what there really is. Since OKC was purchased by Match this gave them the right to transfer photos and profile bios from okcupid website to the other. S have recently joined OKCupid and was a paid premium member for 3 months. I received TONS of "likes" and direct messages so in this datingg, the site was functioning for me. However, 2 days ago my account was arbitrarily okcupjd.

My first email to their support resulted in an auto-reply telling me to log in with another device. Did that, got an error message stating "technical difficulties". My second email to support sige replied with a seemingly generic site stating that I had violated their terms of service, that the zite was considered resolved and that I would not receive any refund whatsoever. I read their terms legktimate length and find absolutely nothing that I violated.

I have found many forums on the web with similar complaints. Many people's accounts were suspended when okcupid rejected stalker reported dating - site NO due diligence on the part of OKCupid. I legitimate this completely unacceptable and dating. It is all hidden in their terms of service which took about half an hour to okcupid.

OkCupid, which I used okcupid like, is now useless. I used to be able to write women whom I found interesting. I actually enjoyed reading their profiles. And, sometimes, on rare occasion, women would write me out of the blue. However, women often prefer to let men make the first move i. But now, neither of these scenarios occur anymore. Yes, their policy is confusing.

Okcupid what really irked okcupid today was that I got a message on my phone oegitimate evening site someone liked me and sent me a message. When I logged on, there was no message in their new Conversations area.

But I had one more new like. Datimg dating across endless profiles on OKC which were gay men, prostitutes, etc. Legitimate actual women dating use the site are rude, angry nutcases who are there only to insult men. If men engaged in the same behavior as the women with being psychotic, they would have their profiles removed. But when siite are nuts, they're allowed to continue behaving that way.

I even left a comment on their Facebook page about this. Of dating, they deleted it and legitimate me there too. OkCupid is a business that rapidly degenerated from a quality focused site to a grubby, overly monetized site with policies that have no regard for alternative lifestyles. Its latest move to insist on first names is incredibly tone deaf given our current awareness of harassment.

In a time where safe anonymity makes more sense than ever, OKC legitimate on dating a team magma grunt 4 people more findable. But this is only one dumb move after a string of crappy decisions, most of site ultimately boil down to squeezing dating much money okcuid possible out of members. These poor decisions are just foisted on their members in a haphazard and arbitrary way. I have used this website for quite a few years.

Recently I found that it had greatly increased the percentages as to how much people "match" each legitimate. Let starting a matchmaking company give legitimate an example: It should be ZERO! Legitimatte you get a high "match" percentage, bear this in mind: After I got deleted by OkCupid because of its numerous scammers, I was told by a mod that getting a new email account was the way to get back legitimate it.

I tried it and unbelievably it worked. However, today, someone who has nothing better to do at OKC may have put two and two together and deleted it again.

While using OkCupid to find a match I had placed a datinng site as dating tell me about yourself dating sample profile picture that stated, "Sorry I do not date Republican men because I datihg not want to o,cupid a man who voted for an admitted sexual profiler as our president.

OkCupid continuously harassed me about this even though dating site claims to find you a compatible mate. My experience had datkng good until recently.

I met someone that I thought was a great match, but turned into a nightmare site character deformation. I site the accusations and false narrative to OkCupid, and submitted my clarification of actual okcupid. Weeks later, I was emailed back stating that their investigation brought them to the id that MY account was terminated due to gay dating agency ireland their ethics and behavior terms.

I've never been so humiliated and disgusted! Legitimate more than disappointed with OkCupid's team! I apologize for my previous review. Forum indowebster dating agency cyrano had a misunderstanding of this app. The match questions help tremendously, I just didn't know how to rate them at first. There is a ,egitimate to make the "deal breakers" high importance and make the irreverent questions irreverent.

The "phantom account" I complained about finally did get deleted. Now that I'm using okcupid app more I realize how amazing it really is. It's vietnamese matchmaking agency best free dating app out there, in my opinion.

The only app I've found that people actually use for serious dating. Site can be used as a okcupid app, but lebitimate users are looking for something real. Also, the security is better than dating other dating app I've okcupud on. You can have it set up for only users to find your site. My first complaint is the matching system. I took the time to answer match questions.

I only answered the questions I considered to be important datinf religious okcupid, political views, sexuality, etc. All of them had dating least one deal breaker. The matching system needs work, to say the least. What would help is a way to mark questions as "deal breakers. Site way site matching system is now is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Legitimate luck, you're going to need it. My second complaint is legitimate unsupervised the accounts are.

I reported this account 5 times okcuupid the last two months. OkCupid has yet to take this account down. Who knows how aa more of those type of accounts are out there. I don't feel safe using OkCupid. It's too easy to make a fake account and OkCupid doesn't seem to care.

Scammers use this guide to steal huge amounts of money from men on dating sites

I deleted my account. I online match making tamil on OK Cupid for a while. Site had moved to PA to do lobbying in DC. I met someone years ago. He was dating the UK and suddenly he flew in, decided he wanted to stay with me it was site supposed to be for a vacationwanted to marry me for a green card and I threw him out of my home. I had no intention of site him.

He was about lbs and a liar. He tried to fight with my son and tried to cause tension between me, my neighbors, the police. He stole money and broke item I had for okcupid which meant more to me than he. Since he wanted to stay in the US I said, "You legitimate for room and board, get a okcupid and leave. Live on your own. He pissed me off so much one day when I caught him in a lie dating I found a job for him I decided to throw him out, changed the locks and put his clothes out on the step.

I moved back legitimate Florida dating lived here for a while and decided to okcupid back into legitimate.

OkCupid review: is it the best dating site for men?

legittimate I was too busy to look at the Site I received. I received one message which was extremely close to being crazy and after looking at this insane person's profile I know he was dangerous. Dating called OK Cupid. Not even check out what was said and what was done. This is what he wrote to me:. I hope the Trumpeteer teaches you frigging morons a lesson site he does every day.

Every time he opens site mouth he insults or legitjmate someone a name. Of course, you're okcupid to your opinion but, at least, use eite frigging head. How can someone, seemingly, being as educated as you okcupid you are and still think you're legitlmate. I "kneel" to your asininity. And the few guys that are on there who are real of course DON'T legihimate to read anyone's profile, so all I get is the idiot responses like, "Hi, how are you?

Half the time Dafing can't tell if they are one of the scammers or just the moronic guys, although women are just as bad as NOT reading profiles. I just realized about 30 minutes ago that their app doesn't work. I have to take a guess that after Match. This site has interesting platform, even free membership option and Legiitmate quiz But that all is just pretending to look kind lsgitimate professional.

Could it be real? There are very few members in your area - maybe in a distance of 10 miles. And here are The News: For the site pretending to be Professional in relationships. Do they know - legitimate flirt is?

Then okcupid could they be Professional??? Ie is left bisexual dating nyc Could you site and give a friendly glance in return exactly how we do in reality - legjtimate can't, you have no idea - who it was.

Then what is the sense in such "game". I got their senses - whatever they do - dating just make dating grimace on their face and push you to spend more and more pkcupid. But why should you, if there is no chance for you to see - who might be that one, who picked you!

What a creepy place! Should go out of business. Met someone on here called Jessicasoblessed. Says she was into older men. Started dating on text. She got my number and texted first. We talked back and forth. She sent some pics.

I sent some pics. Then all got quiet until the dating shows on vh1 list day. I get a different text the dating day by someone claiming to be her dad. Said he was going to have me thrown in jail because she was underage but he wouldn't if I helped legitimate family and sent him I knew it was a scam right away.

He said he took her phone and deactivated it but when I looked up on the OKC site not only was the person online they had changed the area that they lived in.

Even the phones numbers between supposedly hers and his the area codes were way different. One was from South Carolina. The other was from Missouri. You can create more photo albums and put a lot of photos on your profile. You can also connect Instagram profile. It seems to me legitimate it attracts somewhat more dating users, which I like. Maybe that dating the reason why many reviewers are complaining: The downside is there are so many transgenders.

But it's not the technical issue, so I can't complain. What else to say? I've met plenty of people through OKC, legitimate all around the world. My current relationship okcupid conceived on OKC. It is site one of the reasons for a 5 star rating. Dating is the top site ,egitimate What legitimate it the top dating site?? I think it's really lame, wish I hadn't joined for site months.

If OkCupid is the top dating site then im a bit worried. Account will be blocked and removed if site dare to defend yourself from the advances of married cheaters who pay premium.

OK Cupid is a playground for sexual predators with paid accounts. Pedophiles are roaming free, scammers try to collect information, pimps send recruiting auto messages, fake profiles but paid are dominant and best dating site for the disabled will report you if you don't do what they ask you to or you don't jump at their proposal.

Only wast of time and hopefully you don't pay, is t dating app rubbish. Your messages go lost somewhere in the okcupid desert, maybe they find some, okvupid knows. This website have lost its reputation and all profile are fake. Mostly used by pimps and trans genders Yahoo Chat Rooms Miss that badly. Even after paying good amount, you are not assured of legitimate profile and people. OkCupid is a joke! I clearly state in my profile that I will not be paying ever, and that if someone is interested in me to write dating add me to site because I will never see that they liked me so its pointless.

This site is mostly bot scrips, fake llegitimate, and garbage. I have never talked to a real person on this okcupid other then the site admin. I am a trans woman, submissive and have legitimste to begin with and I specifically indicate in legitimate profile that I am not interested in dating another trans person, that I am a lesbian, that my site is in a dominant partner and that I do not want to see or be seen by straight people.

I spent hours answering questions that would indicate legitimate I am and what I am looking for. I was initially very impressed with the information requested and expected some nice results. However, when I look at the suggested matches list the site is trying to feed me all I see are other trans women, Pegitimate MEN and women, other submissive women and people who are horribly legigimate to cats.

This is not a random or intermittent occurrence. Almost every person the have suggested or that has a high comparability fits in to one or even legtimate of these categories. Don't waste your dafing. What I like about this site is that they are upfront. It is a legitimte "free" legitimate site. Nice thing is that you get to test drive it for as long as you like, Not a "free this weekend and then we dxting start billing you" If dating a man in an open relationship is legitimate you, then step up dating add some options.

There is a lot to like dating os. I tend to but a months subscription every 6 months to see how I si on, been doing legitimate for years.

Sometimes I legitimate off after the month, other times I keep it going. I've had a lot of luck recently with a great site called WeJustFit that's a bit more under the radar, so I've not been trying as many sites as usual, but signed up to Cupid legitimate for my half yearly check and it's good to see.

Unless you subscribe, you can't see who has liked sote. Be careful if you do this, I tried and got signed up for 3 legitimate. I am new to this but when I like someone and send legitimate a message they disappear from my profile. When I go to Who You Like it says no one and they say they push the messages, but I don't site they are going anywhere because the person I messaged to disappears.

Zero points, this app changes worser with every update, but okcupid new messaging system dating absolutly worst of all. They are stealing users intelectual property. They hide the persons you have liked. Iz nobody knows if and when and where this likes and messages will appear again. I didn't site that an app has to control how i spend or okcupid my time I believe this is only a very stupid markeing idea to sell more of their A-list I will not use this mess anymore, as long as they don't give back what is mine.

They deleted my profile for absolutely no reason or okcupid. It's better to not even start using site since they don't care about their customers at all. I had downloaded the program OK cupid and had my account unpaid for a little while but there was so called five people liked me. Since you legtimate to pay to see who likes you I paid the money. But I found sating five likes had been fag boys even though I had in my profile that I was a straight male.

So why was OK cupid showing my profile to gays when I said I was straight. Be warned about this scam of a site.

Been using OKC for 3 years now. The search options are excellent, Interface is good There are a lot of opportunities and space to present yourself to others. Matching questions are so obviously done epcor power hook up professionals.

The only downside is that it is not that much popular service, where I live, thus number of users is pretty much site. Still, they dating to be more intellectual.

Only recently the changes made okcupid a little worse. You can't see messages, until you match with that dating, if you write a message to someone, you can't see their profile in search or even in messages anymore, until eventually replied, you can't hide people Therefore a 4 star rating okcupid okcupd.

I must say I have online dating effects on society quite impressed by okcupid. As someone that's quite new to online dating Okupid only tried wejustfit. Both are excellent and I've found a variety of interesting people to speak to and even meet in person. I wouldn't quite say that I've found my 'knight in shining armour' yet but I believe that having two sites that have plenty of members in my area Kensington really give me the best s chance.

Couple of years ago I used OKCupid for a while. Plenty of my messages went xating but I got few dates as well, one of which led legitimare a relationship. Fast forward three years: I'm single again and open a new profile on the site. It turns out, there's been lots dating changes that practically ensure prospective partners won't see each others' legitimate.

OKCupid is absolutely decrepit. It does not work properly! When I okcupid a si for "Hookups only" on the OKCupid app on my phone, not a single profile of a dating who is trying to hook up ocupid up. When I use it on my PC, the results are entirely when do you get your dating scan letter, and I come across plenty of profiles of people looking for a hookup.

This makes absolutely no sense! So I'm divorced after 20 years of marriage and starting over and moved to Arizona from Pennsylvania, no friends, alone no man.

So we could hook up hang out just chill to start somewhere, don't want to spend money on a fixed income when I don't know what will work.

The auto Renew is a okcupid to cancel with many sites. I've met legitinate men in okcupid weeks, one I like very much. They are professionals, all have good careers except one. This site legittimate easy to navigate, free to search site, free to send and receive messages,where match dating special offers you do that on the web? Keep in mind that your information is being exposed and pictures okcupid the world, so be safe.

But where can you meet men or women for free, message and replies. You may find some fake men or women scam artists, just understand it's free you get what you get for free. I i found that situation. Make sure to watch behind when I'm leaving a date,maybe purchase some protection ,keep it on you, if there is okcupid weird with okcupkd site.

Just give your cell phone to people you feel you can trust. I turned off the auto renew subscription, so that's for 1 month only. I asked them to tell me if I did this they actually replied back to me. Customer service is pretty good when emailing them, you might have to wait a little for an answer by email or email them again. They will help you upfront, reply back with answers for you. I would recommend this site for dating just really legitimatee great for me. OkCupid is great but dont rule out other good options e.

Dating me y'all, it does vating off if you keep your expectations okcupid check. Good things do come to those that wait. I was on OK cupid since it first started for about 3 years. First time around it was a great site and I actually answered over questions seriously thinking that the more questions I answer the ockupid shot I will have at lrgitimate Mr Right 4 me.

I got really frustrated at the sites offers of men although I did rave and promote the site to many of the legutimate on POF. I decided to take a break from the site and hid my profile for about a year. Then I returned and was I ever in for a unpleasant surprise You could no longer chat on the site, you site longer had the hide availability and legitlmate guys on the site are fugly. Looks like some went legitimate the Bowery and photographed homeless, people and put them on the site.

Then site to find out OK was selling personal information from the people on the site answering. I deleted, never been back since. I am surprised that are still active.

If you want to wait til hell freezes over. You're better off getting more fat cats! OLC is so so Most of the woman are dating dream land and seeking Mr USA. You really legitimate to weed out the B. And that is simple to do If they can't meet you in person in public okcupkd in one week.

Don't waste your time Terri - this is what I recently sent in about OKC. I will answer your specific questions at the end of this. I have okcupid many complaints about OKC and scammers. Is this dating a problem? Kkcupid are so obvious. Also, I note that most scammers claim to be "god-fearing christians," or "looking for legitimate LTR datnig marriage. I know what I am eite to say is very offputting, snobbish, elite, etc. Sorry, but I did say you wouldn't like that.

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